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The 2013/14 Edition is Now Available!

In just over 4 years The Muslim 500 has become the world’s premiere source for a listing of the World’s  most influential Muslims. And with each edition the annual publication  increases its scope and depth. Over the past few years we have included a number of new changes:

The Muslim 500 - 2011In 2011 we redesigned the book adding more content, stats, quotes, artwork and pictures, an Arab Spring box for the Top 50, an obituary section,  maps, and more. We also launched the companion website. Both the website and book have been very successful with tens of thousands of downloads  and views.

The Muslim 500 - 2012In 2012 we greatly expanded the introduction by Prof. Abdullah Schleifer (more than double the previous years), reformated the Issues of the Day section and introduced exclusive pieces by distinguished guest writers. On our website we included the ‘Influence Feed’ on the homepage that shows a stream of constantly updated news items related to the most influential Muslims.

— 2013/14 Edition —

The Muslim 500 - 2013

We knew that heading into the fifth edition we had to come up with a few concrete goals if we are to continue in our endeavour to improve each year.   Alhamdulillah we are excited to announce a number of new changes that have been fulfilled, which we’re sure you will find to be a big improvement:


  • Major Events: We have added a new section; ‘Major Events’ that provides a timeline of hundreds of major events that have taken place over the past year giving you a way to get up to speed on what has happened the last 12 months.
  • Expanded Bios: We took a year’s worth of updates and spent months going through all the  bios, editing them and greatly expanding a number of them. Our Honourable Mentions section is now 25% larger than before and we have expanded the biographies of the Final 450 making it several pages longer than the previous editions.
  • Expanded ‘Issues of the Day’: We have expanded the number of exclusive pieces from distinguished guest writers in our Issues of the Day section, which is now nearly larger than the previous issue (and 9 times the size of the issues prior to 2012).
  • Visual: To give a richer visual understanding of the Muslim world we have increased the number of photographs. We have also included several calligraphy pieces throughout the book, which we hope will serve as a beautiful reminder to pause and reflect as you go through the book.
  • New Names: We have added dozens of new names to the list. With a pool of over a billion candidates from numerous fields of endeavours, there are literally  hundreds that are close to making the list in any given year. This year  many have crossed the line, mainly due to their recent work. To make it easier to find who they are, this year we have added an ‘Up or In’ and ‘Down or Out’ section listing all changes.

How Much?

Although we put much effort into making the print version greater  than before, we still offer the same exact content on a FREE pdf version at which was added to our site today so you can download the 2013/14 Edition this very minute. That said, we are excited to announce two changes to our paid versions.

  • Lower Priced Print Version: Previously we charged just enough to cover the cost of a limited printing, with each issue priced at $39.95. This year we excited to announce that we are now pricing the issue at just $24.95. There is still something to be said about holding a print version of the book in your hands and reading it in the comfort of your own home which is why we continue to carry both.
  • High Resolution eBook: We have created a high-resolution PDF of our issue that is available for purchase for just $4.99, which is perfect for you if you have an iPad, Kindle or other tablet as you can see all the images in a very sharp resolution.

The 2013/14 Edition is at the printers and will be ready for shipments very soon but you can still order it and be among the first to get it.

What You’ll Learn

In this book you will learn more about:

  1. Where are people to turn to to find out who are the actual movers and shakers in the Muslim communities?
  2. What were the major events that happened this past year?
  3. Who are the scholars, teachers, and preachers who affect the widest number of Muslims?
  4. Who are the main Muslim politicians who get things done in the domestic and international realms?
  5. Who run the largest religious educational systems that affect the next generation of Muslims?
  6. Who are the top Muslim business leaders who help keep economies growing?
  7. Who are the Muslims donating millions to charities and who runs the largest of Muslim-based charities?
  8. Who are the Muslims initiating changes on the ground that affect health, education, women’s rights, the  environment, human rights, and conflict resolution?
  9. Who are the top Muslim scientists, artists, celebrities, sports stars?
  10. Just how influential are these  radicals that dominate the advertising-sponsored news and help keep a  huge military-industrial complex moving?
  11. Who were the major Muslim figures who died in the past year?
  12. Who are the Muslims whose influenced has increased over the past few years, rising up to the top 500 this year?
  13. And much, much more.

If there is any year to buy a copy of The Muslim 500 then make it this historical year.

Order a print copy now for only $24.95 plus shipping and handling or order a high-resolution pdf version here for just $4.99.


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