Nominations 2017

Nominations are open for The 500 Most Influential Muslims * 2017

Now Accepting Nominations!

Nominations are open for the 2017 Edition of the Muslim 500.

We are preparing the 2017 edition of the Muslim 500 and are now opening nominations from the public. Nominations will be evaluated on the basis of the influence that particular Muslims have had within the Muslim community and the manner in which their influence has benefited the Muslim community, both within the Islamic world and in terms of representing Islam to non-Muslims.

Nominations will close on July 3, 2016.

As the process of evaluating influence must account for many factors, nominators should include pertinent information and links where other information can be obtained. Letters of nomination should thus be comprehensive, but no longer than 500 words.

The final outcomes will draw from the information received in nominations, and will be based upon the research of our staff and input from academic consultants.

Points that will be considered and that you should address in your nomination include:

  • Area of Influence (e.g. religious, political, academic)
  • Geographical Region of Influence
  • Number of People Influenced
  • Duration of Influence
  • Notable Contributions
  • Pioneering Work

Now is the time to get your voice heard and let us know who you think should be in the top 500.

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