Ali bin Al-Hussein, HRH Prince

His Royal Highness Prince Ali–son of late King Hussein and brother of Jordan’s King Abdullah II–has been the Vice President of FIFA for Asia since January 2011. He played a major role in lifting FIFA’s ban on the hijab in women’s football. He successfully took the Jordanian youth team to the FIFA World Cup finals in 2007, and also took three Jordanian national teams to the Asian finals in 2010. He is Chairman of the Asian Football Development Project (AFDP). Prince Ali assisted in enhancing the educational and cultural values of sports by spreading football centres across the Kingdom. In 2015, he lost the FIFA presidency election after resigning before the second round of voting. Prince Ali holds the rank of Brigadier in the Jordanian Armed Forces, where he served as a pathfinder and earned his military freefall parachute wings.

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