Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad Al-Hussein

Prince Zeid Bin Ra’ad is the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, being the first Muslim and Arab to hold the post. He is reputed for his role in promoting peace and human rights and was nominated by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for a four year mandate.

HRH Prince Zeid served as Jordan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2000 to 2007, before becoming Jordan’s Ambassador to the United States of America until 2010, and then returning to his previous post. In September 2014 he was nominated by the General-Secretary of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, for a four year mandate. HRH Prince Zeid  has been outspoken on human right abuses whether it be criticising regimes or individuals. He has called on the US to prosecute all those responsible for CIA torture, pointed to the possibility of war crimes by the Saudi Arabian-led bombing in Yemen and criticized public figures for their racism and scare-mongering.  He warned the UK and US government to prevent xenophobic attacks in the wake of Brexit and the Trump presidency.

Birth: 26 January 1964 (Age: 54)

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