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Ahmet Davutoglu

Ahmet Davutoglu was Prime Minister of Turkey from 2014, before differences with President Erdogan saw him resign in 2016. He is a political scientist academic who was appointed ambassador, chief advisor to the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and then Prime Minister in rapid succession. Davutoglu is considered to be the most important figure for redefining the new framework of Turkish foreign policy under the AKP’s rule.

Turkey’s Foreign Policies: There are several key goals that DavutoÄŸlu has set for Turkey’s foreign-policy in the next decade. First, it will continue to press for EU membership, fulfilling all the conditions laid out by the EU, and it hopes to become an influential EU member state by 2023. Secondly, it will continue to strive for regional integration, in the form of security and economic cooperation. Thirdly, it will seek to play an influential role in regional conflict resolution. Fourthly, it will actively participate in all global arenas. Fifthly, it aims to become one of the top 10 largest economies in the world.

Prime Minister: Some of the policies Davutoglu formed as Foreign Minister must be redefined post Arab-Spring (e.g. “zero problems with neighbours”). On Turkey’s doorstep he must confront the problem of DA’ISH, build relations with a post—Morsi Egypt, decide what relations to build with Israel as well as continue Turkey’s path to the EU and continue to expand its global role. With these and other issues, the question is how much will he be his own man, and how much will he simply follow the role that President Erdogan wants from him.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Nominated to Be Turkey’s Next Premier -
2014-08-21 22:00:00

Turkey’s governing party nominated Ahmet Davutoglu to succeed President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan as prime minister and party chairman.

Charlie Hebdo attack: Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu compares Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu to ...
2015-01-14 23:00:00

The Turkish Prime Minister has compared Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu to the gunmen who killed 17 in the Paris attacks last week. Ahmet Davutoglu ...

Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu Denies Plans for Imminent Intervention in Syria
2015-07-03 09:47:19

Turkey has no plans to intervene militarily in Syria anytime soon, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said, refuting media speculation about an imminent ...

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Vows to Pursue Operations Against Islamic State, Kurdistan Workers ...
2015-07-24 14:46:06

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu vowed today that Turkey would continue operations against Islamic State (IS) jihadists and Kurdish militants after ...

New Turkish Airstrikes Under Way Against Islamic State, Kurdistan Workers Party: PM Ahmet Davutoglu
2015-07-25 11:45:01

... and ground attacks on targets of the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria and Kurdish militants in northern Iraq, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu ...

Ankara explosions: Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu says 86 people at peace march killed by two suicide bombers ...
2015-10-10 16:18:31

Turkish PM Davutoğlu says there is 'strong signs' the attacks on Ankara were suicide bombers.

Turkey cannot deal with the refugee crisis alone. EU nations need to help - Ahmet Davutoglu - Comment ...
2015-09-10 06:47:06

Our people have already made huge sacrifices hosting more than 2 million Syrian and Iraqi refugees, This is no time to build a Christian ‘fortress ...

Isis is prime suspect in Ankara bombing, says Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu
2015-10-12 13:10:33

... that killed at least 97 people in Ankara, according to Turkey's prime minister. Speaking in an interview with NTV television, Ahmet Davutoglu ...

Greece's Alexis Tsipras slams Turkey's Ahmet Davutoglu on Twitter over downed Russian jet
2015-11-30 10:58:44

... direct diplomacy to a rather more public forum last night as he sent a series of barbed tweets directly to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. ...

Turkish artillery hit ISIS positions in Iraq, Syria: PM Ahmet Davutoglu
2016-01-16 05:08:48

Turkish tanks and artillery attacked the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria in retaliation for the suicide bombing in Istanbul that killed ...

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