Sheikh Dr.Mahmoud MrGlani

Born in Medina to a family of prophetic lineage, Shaikh MrGlani himself belongs to the Shadhili Sufi tariqa but strongly emphasizes the need to recognize all authentic Islamic Sunni Sufi tariqas and sheikhs. His teachings emphasize the need to reestablish love for the Prophet (PBUH). To this end, he has founded a number of zawiyas around the world to establish the practice of regular and abundant dhikr and salawat. For the past several years he has been delivering a series of widely-attended public lectures titled “Divine Gifts on the Path to Allah” in major Malaysian cities and universities. He encourages people around the world to rediscover and practice their core human values, to oppose colonial and oppressive thinking, and to espouse mutual respect and tolerance among followers of all the heavenly religions.

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