Shaykh Faid Mohammed Said

He was born and grew up in Eritrea, where he was educated and looked after by Shaykh Hamid (rehmatullah alaih), the Senior Judge of the Shari’ah Court in Asmara. While he remained in Eritrea Shaykh Faid was fortunate in being able to study under some of the greatest scholars in the country. He later moved to Madinah al Munawarah, where he continued his studies under Shaykh Atiyyah Mohammed Salim (rehmatullah alaih), the Resident Scholar of Masjid ul Nabawwi and Senior Judge of Madinah. Since that time Shaykh Faid has been invited to lecture all over the world, particularly in Canada, Germany, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UK. He has also headed Almadina College, a centre of learning in London.

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