Muhammad: 11 Leadership Qualities that Changed the World
by Nabeel Al-Azami

Claritas Books
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“Each of you are a shepherd, and each of you are responsible for their flock.”

This profound statement by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) compels us to recognise that we are all leaders at some level. But what makes someone a good leader? And how do each of us measure up against the leadership standards set by the Prophet (pbuh)?

This book presents a well-researched leadership framework combined with extensively applied contemporary practitioner case studies for the first time to readers interested in a Sirah (prophetic life) based universal model for good leadership.

Drawing on scholarly findings from eastern, western and other sources, and having examined an extensive range of Sirah works, an original framework of 11 Prophetic leadership qualities are presented with an entire chapter devoted to each leadership quality.

Well known and lesser known events from the Sirah are explored and analysed like never before, and viewed with a specialist leadership lens, extracting insights on effective people management, authentic leadership and succeeding despite the odds. Each chapter on the leadership qualities offers not just what the quality means and where it can be found in the life of the Prophet but how one can develop those qualities within themselves as well.


Nabeel Al-Azami is a CIPD award-winning HR and leadership specialist. He is the founder and managing partner at Murabbi Consulting which specialises in Values-based HR, ethical leadership development and People-centred Strategy. He is a also trustee of Citizens UK, former Head of Global HR at IR Worldwide, as well as former HR business partner and analyst at Ford Motor Company (UK & Europe Division). This is the author’s first major leadership publication, drawing on his research and professional experience over the past twenty years.

The author, Nabeel Al-Azami, passed away on 14 August, 2019, aged 39. Please read his obituary on page 193.