Book of Counsels by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

Turath Publishing

The title of this treatise by Imam Abū Hāmid Muhammad al-Ghazālī (505 AH/1111 CE) is al-Mawāiz fī al-Ahādīth al-Qudsiyyah, or Counsels from Divine Narrations. It is a collection of thirty-eight hadiths likely intended to fulfil the purpose of a statement attributed to the Prophet about the merits of collecting forty hadith: ‘Whosoever from my community preserves forty hadith regarding religious matters, Allah will raise him on the Day of Resurrection among those with understanding (fuqahā) and the scholars (ulamā).

Al-Ghazālī compiles powerful spiritual lessons and reminders, weaving hadith into direct speech and presenting it to the reader. This is a book that is intended to stir the heart to submission and mindfulness of Allah. This translation has sought to retain the literary aspects of this collection while also applying an attentive engagement with the hadith employed within.

“This short, lovely and spirituality transformative text by Imam Ghazali is an invaluable addition to the library of Islamic books in English. It is based on Ahadith Qudsiyyah. Turath is to be congratulated on another first. The Young Translators’ Program is to be congratulated on their loving and painstaking efforts.”

—HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad