Ecolibirium: The Sacred Balance in Islam by Nadeem Haque, Al-Hafiz B. A. Masri, Mehran Banaei

Beacon Books

Ecolibrium: The Sacred Balance in Islam presents the precepts and applications of a totally rational belief system where the distinction between religion and secularism is meaningless. The book demonstrates that the optimal solution to our mounting socio-environmental problems is achievable if only we were to return to an integrated way of thinking and living—of indeed organizing human society—so that it organically co-evolves as a natural component of the panoply of the rest of creation. In short, the authors call for a radical transformation in our relationship to ecology and the universe itself, which is different not only in degree but also in kind; they elaborate on these ‘changes in kind’ that are needed, with an optimistic view to inspire the development of a global, compassionate and concerned society in this pivotal 21st century and beyond.