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Dr Amr Khaled

Preacher and Social Activist

Amr Khaled has been a televangelist to the Islamic world since 1998. He communicates through his TV shows and web campaigns using Islamic ethics as a way to inspire, foster community development, tolerance and intercultural relations.

Popular Media Figure: Part of Khaled’s influence derives from the fact that he appeals to the common person. He holds a degree in accounting, and has no formal religious education; wears suits and ties, and has a clean-shaven face except for a trimmed moustache—everything you do not expect from a Muslim preacher..  Khaled is credited with the launch of the first “Muslim reality TV show” Mujaddidun on Dubai Television.  His website is translated from Arabic into nearly twenty languages and it rivals Oprah Winfrey’s in terms of traffic. His videos have racked up over 90 million views on YouTube, and he boasts 28 million likes on Facebook. Amr Khaled came under fire after releasing a video in which he prayed for his social media followers during the Hajj pilgrimage. In response, he released a broadcast message explaining how the footage was severely misunderstood and his intentions misconstrued.

Community Development: Khaled’s goal is to encourage community development in the Muslim world by its own people with religious faith as the guiding inspiration—something he believes should be linked to interfaith dialogue, tolerance and moderation. The break-up of communities is something Khaled sees as responsible for the malaise in the Muslim World, and something he believes puts the future of young people in jeopardy. One program he has launched to realize this objective of community development is Life Makers, which has a stated goal of producing a renaissance for the Arab and Muslim Worlds.

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The other is Khaled Dawoud, a former NSF spokesman who suffered even worse - but at the hands of the other side. Even though he resigned from the secular alliance because it had backed the crackdown ... "The majority of Egyptians are still not used to ...and more »

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In the seminar organised by Daily News Egypt hosting CI Capital leading executives, including Atallah, Khaled Abdel Rahman, Group Head of Securities and Managing Director, as well as Sameh Khalil and Amr Abou El-Enein, Managing Directors of CI Asset ...

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Many of those who took it insisted that the military ought to have no role whatsoever, including those who had taken that position long before Tamarod, such as Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh (the former Muslim Brotherhood, leftist-leaning leader) and Amr ...

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2013-11-09 11:12:43

During a private court session on Saturday, the defendants' lawyers, Amr Abou El-Yazeed and Khaled Abou Qura'a, pleaded for the release of the accused. They claimed the charges had been fabricated and were unrealistic, emphasising that the defendants ...and more »

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As the film's protagonist, Khaled Abol Naga (also credited as exec producer) delivers a sensitive performance, despite being more than 20 years younger than the character; grayed hair and aging makeup go only some way toward redressing the imbalance ...

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Khaled Abu Bakr, a lawyer representing the families of those killed by Brotherhood armed militias in front of Al-Ittihadiya presidential palace on 5 December 2012, said he was shocked by Morsi's entrance. “This is not a man who was a president of the ...and more »

New Law Threatens to Choke Freedom in Egypt - Inter Press Service
2013-11-07 07:35:19

“This law will arouse the anger of many revolutionary and worker groups that make their voices heard through peaceful demonstrations,” said Dr. Khaled Alam El Din, former advisor to Mohammad Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected president who ...

Birth: 5 September 1967 (Age: 50)

Source of Influence:

Influence:Media, Youth. Popular multimedia preacher with highly visited website and social network following.

School of Thought:

Status: Featured in current year