Dr Amr Khalid
Preacher and Social Activist
Dr Amr Khalid
Preacher and Social Activist

Amr Khaled has been a televangelist to the Islamic world since 1998.

Birth: 5 September 1967 (Age: 55)

Source of Influence: Preachers & Spiritual Guides

Influence: Media, Popular multimedia preacher with highly visited website and social network following.

School of Thought: Sunni, Traditional Sunni

Status: Featured in current year


Amr Khaled has been a televangelist to the Islamic world since 1998. He communicates through his TV shows and web campaigns using Islamic ethics as a way to inspire, foster community development, tolerance and inter-cultural relations.

Popular Media Figure: Part of Khaled’s influence derives from the fact that he appeals to the common person. He holds a degree in accounting, and has no formal religious education; wears suits and ties, and has a clean-shaven face except for a trimmed moustache—everything you do not expect from a Muslim preacher. Khaled is credited with the launch of the first Muslim reality TV show Mujaddidun on Dubai Television. His website is translated from Arabic into nearly twenty languages and his videos have racked up over 196 million views on YouTube. He has over 46 million subscribers on his various social media.

Community Development: Khaled’s goal is to encourage community development in the Muslim world by its own people with religious faith as the guiding inspiration—something he believes should be linked to interfaith dialogue, tolerance and moderation. The break-up of communities is something Khaled sees as responsible for the malaise in the Muslim World, and something he believes puts the future of young people in jeopardy. One program he launched to realise this objective of community development was Life Makers, which had the stated goal to encourage youth to work in charity. The show was a great hit and expanded into one of the most famous charity organisations in Egypt.