Sheikh Mustafa Hosny
Sheikh Mustafa Hosny

Mustafa Hosny is a televangelist and Islamic preacher who presented his first show in 2004 and has gone on to become a household name. 

Birth: 28 August 1978 (Age: 43)

Source of Influence: Preachers & Spiritual Guides

Influence: Preacher

School of Thought: Sunni, Traditional Sunni

Status: Featured in current year


Changing careers: Mustafa Hosny started his career in sales after obtaining a BA degree in Business from the Ain Shams University in Egypt. He changed careers to become a full-time preacher after he received a Certification from the Institute of training preachers, an affiliate of the Ministry of Awqaf (Egypt). 

Preacher: Mustafa Hosny delivers sermons and lectures worldwide and currently presents more than 13 programs on TV and radio channels. He also delivers weekly sermons and lectures at Yousef El Sahaby and El Hosary mosques as well as delivering the Friday sermons at Al Bilal Mosque compound in Mokattam twice a month in Cairo. 

Humanitarian: Some of his activities include combating drug addiction amongst youth. He is a supporting member for the Children’s Cancer Hospital campaign in Cairo, and delivers seminars and campaigns for the “Life Clear of Smoking Association” in Egypt. He also supports blood donation campaigns. 

Social Media: He has nearly 57 million followers on different social media platforms in addition to 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. His YouTube videos have over 287 million views. His daily advice and softly spoken words endear him to the public and account for his continued influence.