HE Sheikh Ibrahim Salih

The Grand Mufti of Nigeria

Sheikh Dr. Ibrahim Al-Husseini is currently the head of the Supreme Council for Fatwa and Islamic Affairs in Nigeria and recently became a member of the ‘Muslim Council of Elders’ which embraces prominent scholars. He completed his initial studies at the Supreme Islamic Institute in Nigeria and then studied at the hands of renowned scholars in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Senegal, Niger and Sudan. Sheikh Ibrahim lectures in the fields of Tafsir Al Qur’an (exegesis) and the Hadith as well as  Islamic Sciences, Jurisprudence and ethics. He has over 100 written works. He has held and still heads several significant positions, some of which are: Founder and mentor of the Islamic Renaissance Organization, Adviser to the Federal Government on its Islamic Affairs since 1992, Assistant Secretary General for African Affairs in the World Islamic People’s Leadership 1989 and many more.

Birth: 1 January 1946 (Age: 72)

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Status: Featured in current year