Maulana Nazur Rahman
Amir of the Pakistani Tablighi Jamaat
Maulana Nazur Rahman
Amir of the Pakistani Tablighi Jamaat

Maulana Nazur Rahman is the fourth Amir of the Pakistani Tablighi Jamaat. He succeeded Hajji Abdul-Wahhab who passed away in November 2018, aged 96. 

Birth: 1 October 1929 (Age: 92)

Source of Influence: Administration of Religious Affairs, Preachers & Spiritual Guides

Influence: Preacher, Administration of Religious Affairs

School of Thought: Sunni

Status: Featured in current year


New Leader: A change of leadership changes nothing for the Pakistan chapter of the Tablighi Jamaat—a transnational Islamic organisation dedicated to reminding Muslims of their duty to fulfill their religious obligations. Maulana Nazur was the Deputy Amir and one of three people named by the previous Amir as contenders for the position of Amir upon his demise. 

Missionaries: As Amir, or leader of Pakistan’s Tablighi Jamaat, Maulana Nazur Rahman’s influence spans globally due to the organisation’s emphasis on missionary work. It is active in over 150 countries and famously involves people in small groups travelling to Muslim communities reminding individuals about their religious duties. This act of da’wa or exhortation towards fulfilling religious duties is seen as a cornerstone of the faith and has enabled it to acquire a massive membership base. The Tablighi Jamaatt has close ties with the prominent Islamic institution Darul Uloom Deoband, in India. It is where the founder, Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Kandhelvi, studied before establishing a following in Pakistan. 

Mass Appeal: Among the throngs of Pakistanis, diaspora South Asians, and others who carry the flag of the Tablighi Jamaat are notable Muslim leaders. In Pakistan alone, prominent politicians, actors, and sports stars all publicly show allegiance to the group. This is done easily because the TJ is wholly apolitical. It is identified as a spiritual revivalist movement. It condemns violence and distances itself from any militant groups. Annual gatherings in Raiwind, Pakistan draw close to 2 million people, and those in Biswa, Bangladesh attract over 3 million.